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...Our balance, the horizontals we want to achieve, comes out of the interaction of movement in

three planes: the knees moving forward, the elbows moving sideward, and the head moving upward. Now, all three planes have to be appropriately related before I can accept the result as balance. And those three planes are physically in people. Therefore, they are not theoretical planes, they are practical planes which define movement in the body. They exist in a three-dimensional, material world. Earlier considerations have been in the two-dimensional realm of anatomy books.

Chiropractors and most osteopaths are interested in getting movement of joints. They will say, for example, that they are interested in getting movement at every spinal joint; but when that is not optimal movement. Optimal movement comes only in terms of balanced planes.

"Ida Rolf Talks About Rolfing and Physical Reality" edited and with an introduction by Rosemary Feitis"


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