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Happy New Year 2020!

Did you see the sky today, January 1st, New Year 2020? This morning, I saw unique shapes of clouds in the sky, but, by noon, it changed to pure blue sky. Every New Year Day for passing 5 years or so, I am seeing the pure blue sky on New Years Day.... the work from high above... I do not know, but always make me think about someone trying to send a message to us..... saying that you better have clear and pure thoughts to start this day :)

Thank you for all my Rolfing clients last year who is willing to challenge to seek his/her potential in life by listening and caring own body and mind! I wish you all the best this year 2020 and you will enjoy the further integration and connection to your body and mind. Also I want you to give a permission to take a time to do so. If you allow yourself to integrate deeper level, you never know what will open and appear in front of you.

I' m a 'blue sky thinker' and dream big. by Hilary Knight


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