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Functional disorganization of the body comes as a result of ...

Functional disorganization of the body comes as a result of exposure to the continuous force of gravity.

Anyone who builds a house knows that unless he's building in terms of verticals and horizontals, he's going to have to understand a lot about how to reinforce that house against gravity. If some force lets that house down on one side, he's going to have to jack it up pretty quickly or he's going to have disorganization throughout the house. The doors and windows won't fit and cold will come in under the doors, and all that...

In your organic house, your body, the same rules apply. The reason they apply is that your organic house, while it may house a sprit or even be a spirit, it still an aggregate of dimensional material particles in space. Whatever else it is, it is that. As an aggregate of material particles, it must obey the laws of material particles. A natural law is a description of how something works under circumstances normal to it. As we look at the body, we are aware that it manifests the properties of all other material bodies.

In the study of physics, there is a division called mechanics which other observes and codifies the behavior of material bodies in a gravitational field. Any problem of mechanics has to do with and implies the presence of the gravitational field. When you want to know what will happen to a body, look at what happens to other material things in the gravitational field. A body will obey the same laws.

"Ida Rolf Talks About Rolfing and Physical Reality" edited and with an introduction by Rosemary Feitis"


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