Rolfing 10-Series


I have had chronic back and neck pain that I’ve had treated for over 10 years and I came to Kay after years of chiropractors, massage and acupuncture.  I was so glad I found her, because Kay has fantastic knowledge, a gentle approach, and focused on getting to know what my body needed to get better.  She recommended Rolfing to treat the various connected pains and imbalances as well as reteach my body how to move.  When she asked me at the beginning of the 10 sessions what I wanted, I told her I wanted to move more fluidly again and I can honestly say that now my body moves different – more connected and at ease.  I now have better techniques for dealing with the sudden pains or muscle tightness I used to frequently have.  Plus, I am much more aware of how I am moving.  It’s been a great relief and a great reeducation for my body.  Thank you Kay!


General Manager, late 40s

December 16th, 2018

Rolfing 10-Series


I had a wonderful experience during my Rolfing 10- series with Kay. I love Kay's intuitive and gentle approach to Rolfing Structural Integration. Throughout the sessions, we worked together to increase my bodily awareness. She always worked within my comfort level to find the optimal pressure and approach to my physical needs. Kay's a wonderful healer who achieves dramatic results through the perfect combination of gentle intuition and strength.

 Vanessa Sychak

Athletic female, 30s

October 12th, 2018

Rolfing 10-Series

My main goal for the Rolfing series was to improve my posture and running stride.  Kay’s Rolfing sessions helped address structural issues around my connective tissue and body alignment.  Though Rolfing provides relief, they are not relaxation sessions, and it does require frequent interaction from the client.  Kay, however, still manages to be gentle, while being effective and intuitive.   Improvement was both immediate and gradual.  During the sessions, Kay also analyzed my posture and gait, and worked with me to relearn ways to improve these – as there is no one method that works for all.  After some sessions, I saw my back and hips loosen up immediately, but the effect these had on improving my running stride was gradual.  Over time, I achieved my initial goals for the sessions. 


Female, 30s

October 10th, 2018

Rolfing 10-Series


After four pregnancies and four C-sections, my body was out of balance in more ways than one. It was hard to move, I felt off balance, my joints, especially my knees hurt, and most significantly, I felt terrible in my own body. I was grateful and proud of my body that had carried our four children into this world. However, I didn’t feel good in it. I wanted to refocus on myself and “peel an onion” to a better version of me. I committed to the ten sessions. Each session had a profound impact on my body and soul. With each session, I felt more balanced, both physically and mentally. It became more effortless to move my body and I became more aware of my body. Each little movement became a whole body movement, not just the parts. I felt connected to my body again. After the ten week sessions, not only did I feel like a better version of myself, but I was on my way to becoming the best version of myself, both physically, mentally and in my soul.

Tomoko Mian

A Mom of four Young boys, 40s

October 12th, 2018

Rolfing 3 Sessions

Rolfing experience made me realize that I haven't  been using my body fully despite the fact it is my body!  I have more self-awareness with my body and movement now.  I only noticed that I became so sleepy after the session 1 & 2, but during the 3rd session I was very surprised to experience the sudden release from the numbness on my left pinky, which I have been suffering from several months.  I also noticed that my waistline has shifted and my chronic pain around the inguinal area completely disappeared about 2 weeks later after the last session.  I am very much pleased with the results.  Thank you Kay-San!!

Etsuko Handa

Housewife, 40s

October 5th, 2018