***Sharing a Rolfing® SI Journey***

Experience the Rolfing® Structural Integration 10-series 

As Rolfers, we always get this question: "So, what is this Rolfing all about?"

Rolfing® Structural Integration is a form of holistic bodywork that re-educates and re-organizes your body.  It involves manipulation of connective tissues and movement education in order to re-align and balance the body's myofascial structure with the field of gravity.  It also helps to unwind structural patterns created through your life while improving physical and emotional well-being.


Okay, so you get the idea that Rolfing® Structural Integration must be very good for your body and mind!  But maybe you still only have a vague idea of what is involved.  So Rolfing® SI Tokyo asked Tek (a personal trainer at Club360) to share his 10-series experience on this website.

We will update his Rolfing 10-series journey with each session's goals, Tek's before & after photos, and Tek's Rolfing diary.  We hope Tek's journey helps you to understand more about the Rolfing 10-series and leads you to take your own journey with us in the near future!

***Introducing Tek and Katherine ***


Tekoda Kemper

Rolfing 10-series Client

Personal Trainer at Club 360

Hi, I am Tekoda Kemper, but please call me Tek.  I am originally from the US.  I have been interested in fitness and combat sports since I was young. 


My experience with kung fu, wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing, and Muay Thai inspired my fascination with the human body, and led me to get my degree in biology, with a focus on molecular biology.  I work at Club 360 as a personal trainer now.  I have always been interested in the connection between the mind and body. 


My main goal for the Rolfing 10-series is to hopefully to resolve some residual pain I have from previous injuries and to "get my body on my side." I also see this as an opportunity to increase my bodily awareness and hope that I might get to know myself and my body better by the end of these 10 sessions. 

Catherine Turley

Rolfing 10-series Client

Freelance writer and translator

Hi—my name is Catherine. I’m a 38-year-old freelance writer and translator working in the Tokyo area. I grew up in the southeastern United States, but have lived all over the country—most recently in Boulder, Colorado, where I earned my master’s degree in classical Japanese literature.


Actually, Boulder is a center for Rolfing education, and this is where I first heard of Rolfing structural integration. I was happy to meet Kay here in Tokyo and have the chance to learn more firsthand. In the past I’ve received traditional massage therapy and deep-tissue work, particularly for my ever-tense neck and shoulders. In our initial sessions, Kay suggested a blend of massage and Rolfing techniques (without telling me which was which until afterward), and I found that the Rolfing techniques had by far provided the best relief.


In undergoing the full 10-series, I hope to overcome the tension, stiffness, and lack of energy caused by a sedentary (and often stressful) lifestyle over the past few years. I am also interested to see how the various structural integration techniques combine over time, since each session of Rolfing differs from, but builds upon, the previous ones. Finally, I’d like to gain better awareness of things like my unconscious muscle tension, and learn to correct unhealthy movements in my daily life.