Rolfing® SI Tokyo

Structural Intergration Experience with Yasuka (Mondays only)

14,500yen → 12,000 yen

Back Massage

Is Rolfing® painful?

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Network Privilege

If you would like to introduce someone to Rolfing® SI Tokyo, we offer 10 minutes of free consultation.  New clients can also try a single session to familiarize themselves with Rolfing® SI and the Rolfer™. 


After visiting Rolfing® SI Tokyo, please share your experience with others.  Our mission at Rolfing® SI Tokyo is to spread the circle of natural health and happiness to the community. 

A Helping Hand

On occasion Rolfing® SI Tokyo offers pro bono work to persons with limited resources due to misfortune, disability, disadvantaged background, or other circumstances. We also provide basic health consultation and informational talks to the community.

Home Visit

If you are having trouble coming to our space in Hiroo, we will arrange a home visit for an additional fee. 


Home visit

Location:  3 km range

Additional Fee:   20%+ Transportation Fee


*We do not provide a massage table for home visits.